At Palumbo Renovations we understand the many factors that need to be considered when re-designing what is commonly believed to be the most important multi-functioning room in the home. Many families today are looking for an open floor plan that is both functional and fashionable, integrating the kitchen and dining areas. We take pride in our ability to maximize your working and living space by having a thorough understanding of structural integrity and state-of-the-art designs. A kitchen renovation is undoubtedly a smart investment in your home.

Family/Great Rooms

Often time, the purpose of a family/great room renovation is to combine that space with the kitchen and dining area. In certain situations, walls can be eliminated, increasing natural daylight. Marrying these spaces can also add a sense of volume, especially in modestly sized homes facilitating conversation between guests and home chefs.



Renovating your bathroom is an excellent investment in your home, with the average re-sale return of 93.2%. Together with our design expertise and the homeowner’s vision, we can transform your bathroom into a luxurious retreat!


Wine Rooms 

Whether you're looking to get creative with a small space or add a walk in wine cellar in an unfinished room, having a custom wine cellar built with your homes design in mind will set your home apart.

Lower Level Remodel

Are you looking to add a guestroom, workout studio or multi-media area?  Many home owners today

are making these sensible upgrades to their homes, Increasing their value and adding to the existing living space.

Room Additions/SunRooms

One of the first wishes all homeowners bring up when remodeling their home is more space.  A room addition can greatly add to your usable square footage,  whether it be in the form of a kitchen, bathroom,bedroom, family room or sun room.  Sometimes even a very small addition can yield big results.  Adding just 3 or 4 feet to a small bedroom or bathroom can open up a world of opportunities and a sun room can add natural light to surrounding rooms.  Additions are less expensive than many remodeling projects and are almost always less expensive than moving. 

Pole Barns 

If an out building is what is on your wish list, a pole barn may be your answer.  There are several reasons a pole (or post-frame) barn is an advantage to building a stick-framed structure.  While you might spend as much as 15% of your total budget of a stick-framed barn on just the foundation work, a pole barn only requires concrete at each footer to set the pole.  Once those are set, you can level things up and pour a concrete slate to code and use it as a floor for your barn, garage or shop.  This reduces overall costs, not only on concrete, but also on the grading and earth moving required to install a proper foundation for a stick-framed structure.  



If your house is in dire need of some outdoor space, adding a patio or deck can increase your square foot without robbing your children of their college educations. Each option offers an area to gather with friends and family, grill out, and relax under the sun (or stars); the option you choose will likely depend on your budget, space and needs. Whichever way you choose to go, both decks and patios offer a positive ROI and unlimited possibilities for entertaining, socializing, or simply relaxing in an outdoor space. Palumbo Renovations has years of experience in helping to design the perfect outdoor space for their clients needs.


Thinking of giving the exterior of your home a top-to-bottom makeover? When you’re replacing your siding, it makes sense to start thinking about your windows, too. After all, you want to make sure that the aesthetics of your home all work together to achieve an overall effect. But is it better to replace both the windows and the siding at the same time?

The answer, in short, is a resounding “yes!” Replacing your windows and siding concurrently allows us to precisely set the capping around the window before they put the siding in place. Capping a window correctly is important, as this aluminum or vinyl framing helps direct water away from the frame and the interior of your walls. Replacing both at the same time allows us to set the windows and then install the siding, which can end up saving you money in the long run, as well.

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